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Title: Stanford University
Description: Stanford University, one of the world's leading teaching and research institutions, is dedicated to finding solutions to big challenges and to preparing students for leadership in a complex world.
Texto: Stanford University Skip to content Stanford University Students Faculty & Staff Parents Alumni Search Menu News Events Academics Research Health Care Campus Life Admission About Search term Search Stanford: Web People Search Other ways to search: Map Organizations Profiles Stanford Explore Stanford... and BEAT CAL Main Content Stanford Today The latest news from Stanford Campus Life Stanford in the rain Medicine Dolphin mouths house ‘dark matter of the biological world’ Law & Policy Why nuclear deterrence can work on North Korea Science & Technology Algorithm outperforms radiologists at diagnosing pneumonia Science & Technology Winds of change for vertical axis turbines? More Stanford News Get daily news updates from Stanford Report Enter your email address below Stanford Events What’s happening on campus Nov 19 exhibition Seeing / Being through November 27, 2017 Nov 28 lecture Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City | Matthew Desmond 7:30 PM Nov 29 performance Ancestral Cartographic Rituals (work-in-progress) | James Luna and Denise Uyehara 7:30 PM Nov 30 lecture Transforming Africa Through Entrepreneurship: Strive Masiyiwa 12:10 PM More Stanford Events Academics Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world Undergraduate Education Rich learning experiences that provide a broad liberal arts foundation and deep subject-area expertise Undergraduate Education Graduate Education Unsurpassed opportunities to participate in the advancement of entire fields of knowledge Graduate Education Lifelong learning Continuing adult education, executive and professional programs, and programs for K-12 students Programs for Lifelong Learning Seven schools in which to pursue your passions Medicine Law Humanities & Sciences Engineering Education Earth Business More About Academics “Stories – narratives – are very powerful.  I love literature for what it can teach us, what it makes us feel and how we use it to communicate with each other. ” Paula Moya Danily C. and Laura Louise Bell Professor of the Humanities and Professor of English More about Paula Research A culture of collaboration that drives innovative discoveries vital to our world, our health and our intellectual life 18 Institutes cross interdisciplinary boundaries 20 Libraries hold over 9.5 million volumes $1.6 Billion Annual research budget Breakthrough research from Stanford Science & Technology Winds of change for vertical axis turbines? Medicine Dolphin mouths house ‘dark matter of the biological world’ Science & Technology Algorithm outperforms radiologists at diagnosing pneumonia Science & Technology Double-duty textile could warm or cool More About Research Health Care Caring for people and advancing human health through innovative research, education and health care Stanford Health Care Our multidisciplinary approach delivers unparalleled care for each patient’s unique needs, coordinating expertise with the most advanced technology. Stanford Health Care Stanford Medicine Comprised of our biomedical research, education and clinical enterprises, Stanford Medicine is leading a worldwide revolution in precision health. Stanford Medicine Stanford Children's Health The only health care network in the Bay Area – and one of the few in the country – exclusively dedicated to pediatric and obstetric care Stanford Children's Health More About Health Care “I care most about people who are living in fringe places who have been neglected by the government, but also by science. I want to be one of the people that helps funnel resources there.” Madeline Lisaius Earth Systems, 2018, and recipient of National Geographic Young Explorers Grant More about Madeline Campus Life A thriving community of creative and accomplished people from around the world Student Life A residential campus with diverse housing, exceptional dining, health care and over 600 student organizations Student Affairs Arts & Culture A rich tradition of fostering creativity and a vibrant arts district on campus Stanford Arts Athletics & Fitness 36 varsity sports, 32 club sports and state-of-the-art recreational facilities and fitness programs Go Stanford More About Campus Life Admission Diverse perspectives brought together by a shared commitment to excellence, learning and growing Admit Weekend Admits are welcomed by cheering student volunteers as they enter Frost Amphitheater before trekking to their dorms for the weekend. An eye to academic excellence, intellectual vitality and personal context Stanford students discover extraordinary freedom of opportunity—to explore, to collaborate and to challenge themselves. Meeting the full need for every admitted undergrad who qualifies for assistance Nearly 70% of undergraduate students receive assistance toward tuition costs. For undergraduates from households with incomes below $125,000, tuition is fully covered by scholarship and/or grant aid. More About Admission About Stanford A place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression and discourse 19 Nobel laureates currently on faculty 4:1 Student-to-faculty ratio 6,000+ Externally sponsored research projects More About Stanford Explore Stanford Visitor Information Virtual tours Online Courses Maps & Directions Parking & Transportation Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube iTunes U 57° F / 14° C partly cloudy Schools Business Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Education Engineering Humanities & Sciences Law Medicine Departments Departments A - to  Z Interdisciplinary Programs Research Research Centers A - to  Z Interdisciplinary Research Libraries Health Care Stanford Health Care Stanford Children's Health Online Learning Stanford Online About Stanford Facts History Accreditation Admission Undergraduate Graduate Financial Aid Resources A - to  Z Index Campus Map Directory Stanford Profiles Applying Visiting Giving Careers Contact StanfordUniversity Stanford Home Maps & Directions Search Stanford Emergency Info Terms of Use Privacy Policy Copyright Complaints Trademark Notice © Copyright Stanford University . Stanford , California 94305 .

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2 www.stanford.edu/
3 www.stanford.edu/student-gateway/
4 www.stanford.edu/faculty-staff-gateway/
5 parents.stanford.edu/
6 alumni.stanford.edu/
7 www.stanford.edu/news/
8 www.stanford.edu/events/
9 www.stanford.edu/academics/
10 www.stanford.edu/research/
11 www.stanford.edu/health-care/
12 www.stanford.edu/campus-life/
13 www.stanford.edu/admission/
14 www.stanford.edu/about/
15 campus-map.stanford.edu/
16 stanfordwho.stanford.edu/OSApp/
17 profiles.stanford.edu/
18 #main-content
19 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/14/stanford-in-the-rain/
20 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/14/stanford-in-the-rain/
21 med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2017/11/dolphin-mouths-house-dark-matter-of-the-biological-world.html
22 med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2017/11/dolphin-mouths-house-dark-matter-of-the-biological-world.html
23 cisac.fsi.stanford.edu/news/why-nuclear-deterrence-can-work-north-korea
24 cisac.fsi.stanford.edu/news/why-nuclear-deterrence-can-work-north-korea
25 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/15/algorithm-outperforms-radiologists-diagnosing-pneumonia/
26 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/15/algorithm-outperforms-radiologists-diagnosing-pneumonia/
27 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/17/winds-change-vertical-axis-turbines/
28 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/17/winds-change-vertical-axis-turbines/
29 news.stanford.edu
30 events.stanford.edu/events/732/73251
31 events.stanford.edu/events/732/73251
32 events.stanford.edu/events/727/72753
33 events.stanford.edu/events/727/72753
34 events.stanford.edu/events/730/73047
35 events.stanford.edu/events/730/73047
36 events.stanford.edu/events/729/72925
37 events.stanford.edu/events/729/72925
38 events.stanford.edu
39 undergrad.stanford.edu/
40 vpge.stanford.edu/
41 /list/continuing/
42 med.stanford.edu/
43 www.law.stanford.edu/
44 humsci.stanford.edu/
45 engineering.stanford.edu/
46 ed.stanford.edu/
47 earth.stanford.edu/
48 gsb.stanford.edu/
49 /academics
50 web.stanford.edu/people/pmoya
51 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/17/winds-change-vertical-axis-turbines/
52 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/17/winds-change-vertical-axis-turbines/
53 med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2017/11/dolphin-mouths-house-dark-matter-of-the-biological-world.html
54 med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2017/11/dolphin-mouths-house-dark-matter-of-the-biological-world.html
55 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/15/algorithm-outperforms-radiologists-diagnosing-pneumonia/
56 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/15/algorithm-outperforms-radiologists-diagnosing-pneumonia/
57 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/10/double-duty-textile-warm-cool/
58 news.stanford.edu/2017/11/10/double-duty-textile-warm-cool/
59 /research
60 https://stanfordhealthcare.org
61 med.stanford.edu
62 https://stanfordchildrens.org/
63 /health-care/
64 earth.stanford.edu/news/national-geographic-grant-takes-earth-systems-junior-amazon
65 studentaffairs.stanford.edu/
66 arts.stanford.edu/
67 http://www.gostanford.com/
68 /campus-life/
69 /admission
70 /about
71 visit.stanford.edu/
72 visit.stanford.edu/tours/virtual/
73 online.stanford.edu/
74 visit.stanford.edu/plan/maps.html
75 visit.stanford.edu/plan/parking.html
76 http://www.facebook.com/stanford
77 http://twitter.com/stanford
78 http://instagram.com/stanford
79 http://www.youtube.com/stanford
80 itunes.stanford.edu
81 gsb.stanford.edu/
82 earth.stanford.edu/
83 ed.stanford.edu/
84 engineering.stanford.edu/
85 humsci.stanford.edu/
86 www.law.stanford.edu/
87 med.stanford.edu/
88 /list/academic/
89 /list/interdisc/
90 /list/research/
91 interdisciplinary.stanford.edu/
92 library.stanford.edu/
93 http://stanfordhealthcare.org/
94 http://www.stanfordchildrens.org/
95 online.stanford.edu/
96 facts.stanford.edu/
97 /about/history
98 wasc.stanford.edu/
99 admission.stanford.edu/
100 studentaffairs.stanford.edu/gradadmissions
101 finaid.stanford.edu/
102 /atoz/
103 campus-map.stanford.edu/
104 stanfordwho.stanford.edu/
105 profiles.stanford.edu/
106 /admission
107 visit.stanford.edu/
108 giving.stanford.edu/
109 stanfordcareers.stanford.edu/
110 /contact
111 /
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113 visit.stanford.edu/plan/
114 /search/
115 emergency.stanford.edu/
116 /site/terms/
117 /site/privacy
118 uit.stanford.edu/security/copyright-infringement
119 adminguide.stanford.edu/chapter-1/subchapter-5/policy-1-5-4

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