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Title: Stanford GSB Alumni News | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Description: Browse or search the articles below to see what Stanford GSB alumni have been up to.
Texto: Stanford GSB Alumni News | Stanford Graduate School of Business Skip to main content The Experience Why Business School Learning at Stanford GSB Life at Stanford GSB The Leadership School News & History Impact The Programs Faculty & Research Faculty Publications Books Working Papers Case Studies Centers & Initiatives Stanford Seed Labs Business Library Insights Accounting Big Data Career & Success Corporate Governance Economics Education Energy & Environment Entrepreneurship Finance Government Health Care Innovation Leadership Management Marketing Nonprofit Operations, Information & Technology Organizational Behavior Political Economy Social Impact Supply Chain Alumni Communities News Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Events Enter the terms you wish to search for. Companies, Organizations & Recruiters Stanford Community Library Newsroom Contact Us Visit Us Jobs MyGSB Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world. Alumni Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Log Out Section menu Communities News Class Notes Books Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Log Out You are here Alumni › Alumni News Alumni News Browse or search the articles below and see what some Stanford GSB alumni have been up to professionally.  February 14, 2019 Written Phil Knight on the Controversial Kaepernick Ad and Nike’s Never-Give-Up Attitude “It doesn’t matter how many people hate your brand as long as enough people love it.” February 4, 2019 Video Fran Weld: If Your Dream Job Doesn’t Exist, Create It The senior vice president of strategy and development for the SF Giants carved her own niche in the competitive world of pro sports management. January 31, 2019 Written Lord Browne of Madingley to Deliver 2019 Commencement Speech at Stanford GSB John Browne, Lord Browne of Madingley, MS ’81, will address graduating students in Stanford GSB’s Class of 2019. January 25, 2019 Written “VCs Have Preconceived Notions Regarding How You Look or Dress” Start-up founder Tony Aguilar learned to spot and combat natural bias to raise money for his mobile app. December 12, 2018 Written Stanford MBA Class of 2018 Chose Careers Where They Could Make a Difference The MBA Class of 2018 broke records for salaries for the fourth consecutive year, yet their career choices were not about chasing the money. December 11, 2018 Written Beyond Social Networks: How Cultural Beliefs Really Spread From anti-vaxxing to gun control, the propagation of beliefs and behaviors is influenced as much by the meanings we ascribe to them as by our social circles. December 6, 2018 Written A Long, Slow Journey Back to the Farm It took three decades, but Stanford MBA David L. Brunner eventually left a high-powered banking career to rebuild a New York dairy farm. November 28, 2018 Written The Cost of CEO Activism A new survey shows how Americans respond to CEOs who weigh in on controversial issues. November 21, 2018 Written Danielle Wyss, MS ’15, Designing Where You Want to Be An architect looks to business school to develop skills outside of design. November 15, 2018 Written JoAnn Morgan, MS ’77: Breaking Barriers She went from NASA to Stanford and back to become the Kennedy Space Center’s first female senior executive. November 15, 2018 Written Jorge Rojas, MS ’07: From Engineer to Business Leader The skills he learned at Stanford GSB served the CEMEX executive well when Hurricane Maria put his staffers at risk. November 15, 2018 Written Ritu Narayan, MS ’14: A Parental Pivot She signed up for the Stanford MSx Program with one goal in mind: create a startup that would help other parents. November 15, 2018 Written Robert Joss, Sloan ’66: Never Stop Learning More than 50 years after he arrived at Stanford GSB, the school’s former dean still sees himself as a student. November 15, 2018 Written Six Ways Stanford GSB’s MSx Program Has Changed in 60 Years The Sloan — now Stanford MSx — Program has evolved in many ways in the last six decades. Here are six of the most significant changes. November 15, 2018 Written Tom Falk, MS ’89: The Classmates Make the Program The CEO of Kimberly-Clark dined with future Nobel laureates while at Stanford GSB but says he learned much from his peers. November 15, 2018 Written Zara “Rolfes” Larsen, MS ’85: Building Relationships for the Greater Good When her bosses at General Motors sent her to the Stanford Sloan Program, her goal was to make lifelong connections while excelling in the classroom. November 7, 2018 Written When People Would Rather Work with Competent Jerks Than Likable Fools When money is on the line, a new study finds, people give less weight to social warmth. October 31, 2018 Written Investing in China: It’s Still “the Wild, Wild West” How an uncle’s battle with cancer helped Nisa Leung become one of Asia’s most successful VCs. October 30, 2018 Written Alumni and Faculty Member Recognized for Exemplary Service Five alumni and one faculty member recognized for contributions to the GSB during annual reunion weekend. October 23, 2018 Written David Downs, SEP ’15: Living Proof of the Power of Positive Thinking When the New Zealander came down with an aggressive cancer, his classmates rallied. Show more Back to the Top View Stanford Business Magazine Browse Books By and About Alumni Go to Alumni Class Notes See All School News Related About Our Alumni Explore Lifelong Learning Opportunities Follow Us Companies, Organizations & Recruiters Newsroom Visit Us Jobs Help Stanford Alumni Association Accessibility Non-Discrimination Policy Privacy Policy Terms of Use Stanford University Copyright © Stanford Graduate School of Business 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305 Communities News Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Why Business School Learning at Stanford GSB Life at Stanford GSB The Leadership School News & History Impact MBA Program MSx Program PhD Program Executive Education See All Programs Faculty

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87 /insights/phil-knight-controversial-kaepernick-ad-nikes-never-give-attitude
88 /insights/phil-knight-controversial-kaepernick-ad-nikes-never-give-attitude
89 /insights/fran-weld-if-your-dream-job-doesnt-exist-create-it
90 /insights/fran-weld-if-your-dream-job-doesnt-exist-create-it
91 /newsroom/school-news/lord-browne-madingley-deliver-2019-commencement-speech-stanford-gsb
92 /newsroom/school-news/lord-browne-madingley-deliver-2019-commencement-speech-stanford-gsb
93 /insights/vcs-have-preconceived-notions-regarding-how-you-look-or-dress
94 /insights/vcs-have-preconceived-notions-regarding-how-you-look-or-dress
95 /newsroom/school-news/stanford-mba-class-2018-chose-careers-where-they-could-make-difference
96 /newsroom/school-news/stanford-mba-class-2018-chose-careers-where-they-could-make-difference
97 /insights/beyond-social-networks-how-cultural-beliefs-really-spread
98 /insights/beyond-social-networks-how-cultural-beliefs-really-spread
99 /insights/long-slow-journey-back-farm
100 /insights/long-slow-journey-back-farm
101 /insights/cost-ceo-activism
102 /insights/cost-ceo-activism
103 /experience/news-history/danielle-wyss-ms-15-designing-where-you-want-be
104 /experience/news-history/danielle-wyss-ms-15-designing-where-you-want-be
105 /experience/news-history/joann-morgan-ms-77-breaking-barriers
106 /experience/news-history/joann-morgan-ms-77-breaking-barriers
107 /experience/news-history/jorge-rojas-ms-07-engineer-business-leader
108 /experience/news-history/jorge-rojas-ms-07-engineer-business-leader
109 /experience/news-history/ritu-narayan-ms-14-parental-pivot
110 /experience/news-history/ritu-narayan-ms-14-parental-pivot
111 /experience/news-history/robert-joss-sloan-66-never-stop-learning
112 /experience/news-history/robert-joss-sloan-66-never-stop-learning
113 /experience/news-history/six-ways-stanford-gsbs-msx-program-has-changed-60-years
114 /experience/news-history/six-ways-stanford-gsbs-msx-program-has-changed-60-years
115 /experience/news-history/tom-falk-ms-89-classmates-make-program
116 /experience/news-history/tom-falk-ms-89-classmates-make-program
117 /experience/news-history/zara-rolfes-larsen-ms-85-building-relationships-greater-good
118 /experience/news-history/zara-rolfes-larsen-ms-85-building-relationships-greater-good
119 /insights/when-people-would-rather-work-competent-jerks-likable-fools
120 /insights/when-people-would-rather-work-competent-jerks-likable-fools
121 /insights/investing-china-its-still-wild-wild-west
122 /insights/investing-china-its-still-wild-wild-west
123 /newsroom/school-news/alumni-faculty-member-recognized-exemplary-service
124 /experience/news-history/david-downs-sep-15-living-proof-power-positive-thinking
125 /experience/news-history/david-downs-sep-15-living-proof-power-positive-thinking
126 /alumni/news?page=1
127 #main-content
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