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Title: Stanford GSB Alumni News | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Description: Browse or search the articles below to see what Stanford GSB alumni have been up to.
Texto: Stanford GSB Alumni News | Stanford Graduate School of Business Skip to main content The Experience Why Business School Learning at Stanford GSB Life at Stanford GSB The Leadership School News & History Impact The Programs Faculty & Research Faculty Publications Books Working Papers Case Studies Centers & Initiatives Stanford Seed Labs Business Library Insights Accounting Big Data Career & Success Corporate Governance Economics Education Energy & Environment Entrepreneurship Finance Government Health Care Innovation Leadership Management Marketing Nonprofit Operations, Information & Technology Organizational Behavior Political Economy Social Impact Supply Chain Alumni Communities News Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Events Enter the terms you wish to search for. Companies, Organizations & Recruiters Stanford Community Library Newsroom Contact Us Visit Us Jobs MyGSB Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world. Alumni Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Log Out Section menu Communities News Class Notes Books Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Log Out You are here Alumni › Alumni News Alumni News Browse or search the articles below and see what some Stanford GSB alumni have been up to professionally.  February 16, 2018 Written Meet the Stanford GSB Alumni and the PhD Candidate Who Made Forbes’ New 30 Under 30 Lists These professionals are shaking things up in healthcare, energy, finance, and social entrepreneurship. February 16, 2018 Written Startup Garage Celebrates Five Years At Startup Garage, students learn to create and launch new products. For its fifth anniversary, meet five companies that began as class projects. February 14, 2018 Written How an African Academy Conceived at Stanford GSB Has Come Full Circle More than 10 years ago, Fred Swaniker and Chris Bradford opened a prestigious prep school. Now its students are coming to Stanford to realize their own dreams. February 12, 2018 Written Edward Fenster, MBA ’07: Bringing Solar Energy Home Classmates provided inspiration — and a future partner. February 5, 2018 Written John G. “Jack” McDonald, Who Taught Investing for 50 Years at Stanford GSB, Dies at 80 A beloved professor whose former students span the globe, Jack McDonald is internationally known for his work on investment in the context of global equity markets. January 29, 2018 Written Beth Gerstein, MBA ’03: Marrying a Passion for Social Justice With an Operations Mindset Her engagement ring inspired a commitment to provide ethically mined diamonds. Stanford GSB delivered entrepreneurship lessons, a partner, and more. January 26, 2018 Written Jason Bornstein, MBA ’18: Learning to Lead An MBA student with a background in marketing makes the transition to venture capital investing. January 12, 2018 Written Robyn Sue Fisher, MBA ’07: Creating a Stir With Ice Cream Invented at Stanford With the school and the streets of San Francisco as her labs, a consultant finds her path out of the corporate world and launches Smitten Ice Cream. December 13, 2017 Written Third Consecutive Year of Record Salaries for Stanford MBA Class of 2017 The 2017 Employment Report reflects a strong market for Stanford MBA graduates and reveals their broad range of career interests and choices. December 4, 2017 Written Finance Professor Jack McDonald Celebrates 50 Years of Teaching Fifty years and over 10,000 students later, Professor Jack McDonald continues to guide new generations of investors. December 4, 2017 Written Kathryn Leary, MBA ’77: Reaching for ‘Option Q’ The civil rights and feminist movements opened doors, and the advertising and marketing veteran took full advantage. December 4, 2017 Written Where Would You Put Yourself in an ‘Influence Line’? Learning where her peers ranked her influence among the group changed how Maria Lambert, MBA ’12 thought about feedback. November 30, 2017 Written Stanford Seed India Kicks Off With Intense Week of Training Business leaders across India gather to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and transform their companies. November 28, 2017 Written Alex De Simone, MBA ’16: Making All the Right Connections Through Stanford GSB A job with an alum’s company leads to serial entrepreneurship, an MBA, and big paydays for his businesses and his alma mater. November 27, 2017 Written Barrett Comiskey, MBA ’04: Alum Looks to Expand His Humanist Impact One of the fathers of e-ink came to Stanford GSB to learn how to take his ambitions for change to a much larger scale. November 20, 2017 Written Eugenio Garza y Garza, MBA ’97: Alum Puts the Concepts of Diversity and Trust Into Action A decade after his eye-opening experiences on campus, an executive headed home to Mexico and started changing his new workplace. November 7, 2017 Written An MBA Student’s Transformative Assignment in India Gets to the Heart of Innovative Health Care The GMIX program gives an MBA student insights on making strides in a less-developed country, and gives an MBA alum access to valuable workers. November 6, 2017 Written The Importance of Embracing Uncertainty Former engineer George Kurian stopped looking for black-and-white answers when he took the helm at NetApp. November 2, 2017 Written Brandon Colby, MBA ’07: Charting the Course for a Predictive Medicine Venture A doctor working to promote the adoption of genomics learns from grad school both how to launch a business, and how to start over. November 1, 2017 Written Four Ways Nonprofits Can Increase Their Impact Researchers examine the $1.7 trillion philanthropy sector to find the fissures. Show more Back to the Top View Stanford Business Magazine Browse Books By and About Alumni Go to Alumni Class Notes See All School News Related About Our Alumni Explore Lifelong Learning Opportunities Follow Stanford Business Companies, Organizations & Recruiters Newsroom Visit Us Jobs Help Stanford Alumni Association Accessibility Non-Discrimination Policy Privacy Policy Terms of Use Stanford University Copyright © Stanford Graduate School of Business 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305 Communities News Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations

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88 /newsroom/school-news/meet-stanford-gsb-alumni-phd-candidate-who-made-forbes-new-30-under-30-lists
89 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/startup-garage-celebrates-five-years
90 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/startup-garage-celebrates-five-years
91 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/how-african-academy-conceived-stanford-gsb-has-come-full-circle
92 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/how-african-academy-conceived-stanford-gsb-has-come-full-circle
93 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/edward-fenster-mba-07-bringing-solar-energy-home
94 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/edward-fenster-mba-07-bringing-solar-energy-home
95 /newsroom/school-news/jack-mcdonald-dies-80
96 /newsroom/school-news/jack-mcdonald-dies-80
97 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/beth-gerstein-mba-03-marrying-passion-social-justice-operations
98 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/beth-gerstein-mba-03-marrying-passion-social-justice-operations
99 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/jason-bornstein-mba-18-learning-lead
100 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/jason-bornstein-mba-18-learning-lead
101 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/robyn-sue-fisher-mba-07-creating-stir-ice-cream-invented
102 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/robyn-sue-fisher-mba-07-creating-stir-ice-cream-invented
103 /newsroom/school-news/third-consecutive-year-record-salaries-stanford-mba-class-2017
104 /newsroom/school-news/third-consecutive-year-record-salaries-stanford-mba-class-2017
105 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/finance-professor-jack-mcdonald-celebrates-50-years-teaching
106 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/finance-professor-jack-mcdonald-celebrates-50-years-teaching
107 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/kathryn-leary-mba-77-reaching-option-q
108 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/kathryn-leary-mba-77-reaching-option-q
109 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/where-would-you-put-yourself-influence-line
110 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/where-would-you-put-yourself-influence-line
111 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/stanford-seed-india-kicks-intense-week-training
112 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/stanford-seed-india-kicks-intense-week-training
113 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/alex-de-simone-mba-16-making-all-right-connections-through
114 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/alex-de-simone-mba-16-making-all-right-connections-through
115 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/barrett-comiskey-mba-04-alum-looks-expand-his-humanist-impact
116 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/barrett-comiskey-mba-04-alum-looks-expand-his-humanist-impact
117 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/eugenio-garza-y-garza-mba-97-alum-puts-concepts-diversity-trust
118 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/eugenio-garza-y-garza-mba-97-alum-puts-concepts-diversity-trust
119 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/mba-students-transformative-assignment-india-gets-heart
120 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/mba-students-transformative-assignment-india-gets-heart
121 /insights/importance-embracing-uncertainty
122 /insights/importance-embracing-uncertainty
123 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/brandon-colby-mba-07-charting-course-predictive-medicine
124 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/brandon-colby-mba-07-charting-course-predictive-medicine
125 /insights/four-ways-nonprofits-can-increase-their-impact
126 /insights/four-ways-nonprofits-can-increase-their-impact
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