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Title: Stanford GSB Alumni News | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Description: Browse or search the articles below to see what Stanford GSB alumni have been up to.
Texto: Stanford GSB Alumni News | Stanford Graduate School of Business Skip to main content The Experience Why Business School Learning at Stanford GSB Life at Stanford GSB The Leadership School News & History Impact The Programs Faculty & Research Faculty Publications Books Working Papers Case Studies Centers & Initiatives Stanford Seed Labs Business Library Insights Accounting Big Data Career & Success Corporate Governance Economics Education Energy & Environment Entrepreneurship Finance Government Health Care Innovation Leadership Management Marketing Nonprofit Operations, Information & Technology Organizational Behavior Political Economy Social Impact Supply Chain Alumni Communities News Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Events Enter the terms you wish to search for. Companies, Organizations & Recruiters Stanford Community Library Newsroom Contact Us Visit Us Jobs MyGSB Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world. Alumni Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Log Out Section menu Communities News Class Notes Books Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Email Directory Upcoming Events My Account Log In Log Out You are here Alumni › Alumni News Alumni News Browse or search the articles below and see what some Stanford GSB alumni have been up to professionally.  June 21, 2018 Written How to Flunk Retirement and Thrive A former marketing executive loves his unlikely third act as a prison-education reformer. June 20, 2018 Written A Lasting Tribute to Jack McDonald Alumni and friends of Jack McDonald gather for the official renaming celebration of the life and legacy of the GSB's beloved professor of 50 years. June 20, 2018 Written Rethinking Corporations and Capitalism With the Corporations and Society Initiative, Anat Admati hopes to make Stanford GSB a better citizen of the world. June 20, 2018 Written Stanford Venture Studio Demo Day Students from across campus pitched their startup at Stanford Venture Studio’s Demo Day. June 17, 2018 Written Carlos Brito to Class of 2018: What Would the World Miss if You Did Not Exist? Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO and Stanford alumnus advised graduates to seek a higher motivation. June 11, 2018 Written Are Influencers Overrated? A new study questions the effectiveness of targeting “hubs” at the center of social networks. June 8, 2018 Written Beth Berger, MBA ’18: Dreaming Big, Then Dreaming Bigger She came to business school to learn about leadership, expecting to return to product management at a large tech company. She’s leaving as a CEO. May 30, 2018 Written Aldo Monteforte, MS ’05: Driver’s Ed Steers an Auto Technologies Executive Into the Winner’s Circle New skills gained through the master’s program for experienced leaders help him to strengthen one company, then launch another. May 25, 2018 Written Zoe Dunning, MBA ’93: Speaking Out No one asked, but she told, and the rest is a memorable chapter in civil rights history. May 23, 2018 Written Stanford GSB Recognizes Students Committed to Social Innovation The next generation of social innovators were honored with the Miller Social Change Leadership Award and Social Innovation Fellowships. May 18, 2018 Written Can Blockchain Be Used for Public Good? A new Stanford study looks beyond the hype to examine how decentralized transactions can solve social ills. May 18, 2018 Written Rachael Wallach, MBA ’18, Aims to Reinvent the Wheelchair 2017 Impact Design Immersion Fellow rolls out a plan to make wheelchairs affordable and customizable. May 8, 2018 Written PastureMap: Creating a More Sustainable Steak This app helps ranchers manage their land while improving the environment. May 8, 2018 Written Plenty: Towers of Kale Growing Outside Your City This vertical farming startup plans to reimagine farming. May 8, 2018 Written Pure Harvest: A Smarter Greenhouse Brings Fresh Produce to the Desert Fifty miles outside of Abu Dhabi, startup Pure Harvest plans to grow fresh fruits and vegetables in an inhospitable climate. May 7, 2018 Written Do You Discriminate Along Party Lines? A Stanford study hints at the broad consequences of political polarization. May 7, 2018 Written José E. Feliciano, MBA ’99: The Networker It’s all about connections for the winner of the Jerry I. Porras Latino Leadership Award. May 4, 2018 Written Jenny Eu, MBA ’03: The Story Behind Her Startup Is a Family Affair She put together her father’s example, her grandmother’s teachings on plants, and her own experiences to launch a plant-based food company. May 2, 2018 Written Clinton Etheridge, MBA ’74: The Long Road Back This year's Tapestry Award winner swore to return to Africa to help alleviate its poverty. Stanford Seed gave him that chance. April 26, 2018 Written New Awards Recognize Academic Achievement of Graduating Sloan Fellows Two new awards recognize outstanding academic achievement by Sloan Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program. Show more Back to the Top View Stanford Business Magazine Browse Books By and About Alumni Go to Alumni Class Notes See All School News Related About Our Alumni Explore Lifelong Learning Opportunities Follow Stanford Business Companies, Organizations & Recruiters Newsroom Visit Us Jobs Help Stanford Alumni Association Accessibility Non-Discrimination Policy Privacy Policy Terms of Use Stanford University Copyright © Stanford Graduate School of Business 655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305 Communities News Reunions Featured Events Career Resources Lifelong Learning Volunteering Giving Contact Alumni Relations Why Business School Learning at Stanford GSB Life at Stanford GSB The Leadership School News & History Impact

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94 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/stanford-venture-studio-demo-day
95 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/carlos-brito-class-2018
96 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/carlos-brito-class-2018
97 /insights/are-influencers-overrated
98 /insights/are-influencers-overrated
99 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/beth-berger-mba-18-dreaming-big-then-dreaming-bigger
100 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/beth-berger-mba-18-dreaming-big-then-dreaming-bigger
101 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/aldo-monteforte-ms-05-drivers-ed-steers-auto-technologies
102 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/aldo-monteforte-ms-05-drivers-ed-steers-auto-technologies
103 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/zoe-dunning-mba-93-speaking-out
104 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/zoe-dunning-mba-93-speaking-out
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106 /newsroom/school-news/stanford-gsb-recognizes-students-committed-social-innovation
107 /insights/can-blockchain-be-used-public-good
108 /insights/can-blockchain-be-used-public-good
109 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/rachael-wallach-mba-18-aims-reinvent-wheelchair
110 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/rachael-wallach-mba-18-aims-reinvent-wheelchair
111 /insights/pasturemap-creating-more-sustainable-steak
112 /insights/pasturemap-creating-more-sustainable-steak
113 /insights/plenty-towers-kale-growing-outside-your-city
114 /insights/plenty-towers-kale-growing-outside-your-city
115 /insights/pure-harvest-smarter-greenhouse-brings-fresh-produce-desert
116 /insights/pure-harvest-smarter-greenhouse-brings-fresh-produce-desert
117 /insights/do-you-discriminate-along-party-lines
118 /insights/do-you-discriminate-along-party-lines
119 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/jose-e-feliciano-mba-99-networker
120 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/jose-e-feliciano-mba-99-networker
121 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/jenny-eu-mba-03-story-behind-her-startup-family-affair
122 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/jenny-eu-mba-03-story-behind-her-startup-family-affair
123 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/clinton-etheridge-mba-74-long-road-back
124 /stanford-gsb-experience/news-history/clinton-etheridge-mba-74-long-road-back
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