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Title: Bernhard's blogs - eBeijing.gov.cn
Description: eBeijing's Study channel. Find out about studying in Beijing, scholarships, general study information, tests and certifications, visas, and extracurricular activities.
Texto: Bernhard's blogs - eBeijing.gov.cn eBeijing, the Official Website of the Beijing Government Toggle navigation eBeijing, the Official Website of the Beijing Government Home Beijing Info Government Travel Culture Visa Study Business Photo Gallery Sister Cities eBeijing Volunteers Q&A Survey Home Beijing Info Government Travel Culture Visa Study Business Photo Gallery Sister Cities eBeijing Volunteers Q&A Survey Bernhard Introduction Together with my wife and two children we moved in October 2015 from Berlin to Beijing. This is our 6th country to call it a "temporary home". The Award Ceremony of the Photo Contest 2017 According to the organiser, they received more than 3000 photos. 50 best photos were shortlisted by a panel expert. Visitors on www.ebeijing.gov.cn could vote for their favourite photo 2017. Beijing CBD at Night CBD at night with the CCTV Building illuminated. The CCTV has an unusual shape with a three-dimensional design. My Experience of the Exhibition On September 11 opened the 12th ICCIE in Beijing. I had the opportunity to visit the opening ceremony and and the 10 different halls at the China International Exhibition Center. 2017 Beijing CBD (Central Business District) Beijing CBD occupies 3.99 km² of the Chaoyang District on the east side of the city. Geographically situated to the east of the city center, sandwiched between the 3rd Ring Road and the 4th Ring Road. Peking Opera We watched three operas. There were translated into English with “Borrowing a Fan”, “The Drunken Concubine” und “Stealing an Imperial Horse”. I believe it is difficult to translate from traditional Chinese to English. An Alternative to 798 Art District: Caochangdi Area It is a rougher place than 798 Art Zone. The neighbourhood is about a 15-minute bike ride from 798 but feels like you arrive in a different world. You think you are at the Chinese country side and not in Beijing. 12 Good Reasons to Visit the Art District The industrial building in 798 became obsolete as the industry changed during the times of Deng Xiao Ping. But with the artist, the area got a new purpose and gives a unique home to China's creative scene. 2017 Sanyuanli Market Hall Sanyuanli Market Hall is located in Shunyuanli, Chaoyang District Beijing, which is established from Oct., 1992 and has a business area of 1560 square meters, with a total of 139 booths. The main business is consist of vegetable, fruit, freshmeat, aquatic product, cooking oil, wheaten food, tea, grocery, etc. Laowai tries to get the Chinse Driving license I plan to drive in China and need a Chinese driving license. Why? Because international driver's license are not recognized and only if you have a residence permit for China, you can apply for a Chinese driver`s license. Total 2 Page(s), Current Page ,  Previous Page , Next Page , Go to Page Previous Next Beijing Tours Feedback About Us Copyright Service and Privacy Cooperation Sitemap Registration Number: 05060933

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25 images.ebeijing.gov.cn/
26 www.ebeijing.gov.cn/Sister_Cities_2017/
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