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Title: Beijing Medical Services - eBeijing.gov.cn
Description: eBeijing: Emergency services information, and information on finding a doctor or hospital
Keywords: eBeijing,Beijing home,official English website,Beijing Municipality,Beijing portal,Beijing,China,Beijing Medical Services,Emergency,Hospital,Doctor
Texto: Beijing Medical Services - eBeijing.gov.cn Dial 120 for emergency medical service This guide offers communication help with phrases in Chinese for common medical problems - use your finger to point at the phrase of your own language, and the phrase in Chinese will be next to it. The guide offers a directory and map of hospitals that have been approved for serving the Olympic games. It lists the names and addresses of hospitals and is available in eight languages. 1. Download the Beijing Emergency Medical Services Guide 下载北京急救指南 2. Print the Beijing Emergency Medical Services Guide 打印北京急救指南 3. Fold the guide booklet 装订北京急救指南 4. Use this guide when you have a medical emergency 随身携带,如遇危险情况请出示

1 /Life/Hospital/English.rar
2 /Life/Hospital/Arabic.rar
3 /Life/Hospital/German.rar
4 /Life/Hospital/French.rar
5 /Life/Hospital/Japanese.rar
6 /Life/Hospital/Russian.rar
7 /Life/Hospital/Korean.rar
8 /Life/Hospital/Spanish.rar

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